Lynes and Lynes Auction Saturday 23rd November, 2013 at 11am
23rd November, 2013

House Contents Auction

Viewing Times: Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd November: 10am-8pm ; Limited viewing Saturday morning.

Collection Times:Saturday: Immediately after Auction ; Sunday: 11am-5pm ; Monday 10am-5pm

Lot No. 198 |

A fine antique mahogany fold-over tea table with storage compartment raised on turned legs with carved decoration.

Estimated Price: €600-800

Lot No. 199 |

Old copper ships lamp (Cork Harbour Commissioners)

Estimated Price: €200-300

Lot No. 200 |

Journal of The Cork Historical & Archaeological Society bound in red leather 1892-1933 including Smiths History of Cork and Grove Whites, North Cork from the library of Dr Philip Lee secretary of the Society who died in 1934 together with a run of unbound journals from 1935 -1979.

Note:  Unbound Journals should read from 1934 - 1978 with July- Dec 1969 missing.

Estimated Price: €600-1000

Lot No. 201 |

Thomas Mason, The Islands Of ireland, illustrated with photographs, London 1936.

Estimated Price: €30-40

Lot No. 202 |

Robert Matheson, Surnames & Christian Names in Ireland, Dublin 1890.

Estimated Price: €20-30

Lot No. 203 |

William O'Sullivan, The Economic History of Cork, 1937 mint copy signed and inscribed to Michael Cahill, assistant librarian in UCC.

Estimated Price: €30-40

Lot No. 204 |

Rev. J. Milner, An Inquiry into certain Vulgar Opinions concerning the Catholic Inhabitants and Antiquities of ireland in a series of letters of 1807, 1808.

Estimated Price: €30-50

Lot No. 205 |

The Call To Arms, an authentic historical record of Irelands defence service.

Estimated Price: €30-50

Lot No. 206 |

China & Japan its History, Arts, and Litrature, 1902,  12 Volumes.

Estimated Price: €10-20

Lot No. 207 |

The Writings & Speeches of Edmund Burke, 12 volumes.

Estimated Price: 10-20

Lot No. 208 |

The Bible in Spain and Rogers Essays, 6 volumes in all - fine bindings.

Estimated Price: €50-60

Lot No. 209 |

Elizabeth Butler, From  Sketch Book and Diary, 28 illustrations in colour and 21 smaller sketches in the text by the author ,Ireland, Egypt, The Cape, Italy, London 1909.

Estimated Price: €40-50

Lot No. 210 |

John Walker, Sufferings of the Clergy with bookplate of Jonathan Worthy.

Estimated Price: €50-80

Lot No. 211 |

An album of Italian photos, circa 1900.

Estimated Price: €20-30

Lot No. 212 |

The History of the Troubles and Tryal of William Laud, Lord Arch Bishop of Canterbury. Wrote by himself during his imprisonment in the tower.

Estimated Price: €50-75

Lot No. 213 |

Roy's Wife, horsey and hunting stories by G.J. Whyte-Melville, 9 volumes with book plate for William Ruddell Clarke, Trabolgan.

Estimated Price: €20-30

Lot No. 214 |

The Rev Samuel Hayman, Guide to Youghal, Ardmore and The Blackwater, published in Youghal by John Lindsay 1860.

Estimated Price: €30-40

Lot No. 215 |

Cork and County Cork in the 20th century By Pike and Hodges. Original binding but needs repair.

Estimated Price: €200-300

Lot No. 216 |

An Album of the First World War , newspaper cuttings + issue of Cork Free Press, September 1913.

Estimated Price: €20-25

Lot No. 217 |

Three Years with the Duke of Wellington in Private Life by An Ex Aid de Camp (Lord William Lennox), 2nd edition, London 1853, very nice binding.

Estimated Price: €40-50

Lot No. 218 |

A Voice from Waterloo. A history of the battle of the 18th June 1815 by Sergeant Major Cotton of the 7th Hussars, Brussels 1847

Estimated Price: €40-50

Lot No. 219 |

The Rural Cyclopedia on a General Dictionary of Agriculture necessary to the farmer, stock farmer, gardener, forester etc, 4 volumes, interesting plates, edited by Rev J.M. Wilson, Edinburgh 1849

Lot No. 220 |

Seventeen Irish Sermons in an easy and familiar style, on useful and necessary subjects in English Characters as being more familiar to the generality of The Clergy By the Rev J. Gallagher. A new edition revised and corrected by Edward O'Reilly, compiler of The irish and English Dictionary, Dublin 1819.

Estimated Price: €40-45

Lot No. 221 |

Canon Sheehan, Under The Cedars and The Stars, This Edition is not for Sale, The Dolphin Press, American Ecelesiastical Review, Philadelphia 1903.

Estimated Price: €40-60

Lot No. 222 |

John P. Prendergast, The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland, 3rd edition, Dublin 1922.

Estimated Price: €50-60

Lot No. 223 |

Edmund Hogan, The Descriptions of Ireland and The State thereof as at this present in Anmo 1598. now for the first time published from a manuscript preserved in Clongowes Wood College, Dublin 1878

Estimated Price: €70-80

Lot No. 224 |

Thomas O'Rahilly , Early Irish History and Mythology. The Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin 1946.

Estimated Price: €30-40

Lot No. 225 |

P.W.Joyce, The Wonders of Ireland and other papers on irish subjects, 1911

Estimated Price: 20-30

Lot No. 226 |

Robert Dwyer Joyce, Ballads of Irish Chivalry edited with annotations by his brother P.W. Joyce, 1908

Estimated Price: €20-25

Lot No. 227 |

J.J.Bergin, History of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, published by The Order 1910

Estimated Price: €15-20

Lot No. 228 |

Richard Caulfield, Annals of St Fin Barrs Cathedral, Cork 1871

Estimated Price: €25-35

Lot No. 229 |

S. Shannon Millin, Irish Harp A lecture, 1893

Estimated Price: 20-30

Lot No. 229 |

Assorted lot of china to include vases, figures, jugs, Hovis casket, biscuit barrel etc.

Estimated Price: €40-80

Lot No. 230 |

Laoi Oisin An Tir Na Nog or The Lay of Oisin In The Land of Youth, edited by O'Flannghaile, London 1896.

Estimated Price: €15-20

Lot No. 231 |

Tadhg O'Donnchadha: An Leabhar Muimhneach.

Estimated Price: €15-20

Lot No. 232 |

A History of Presbyterianism in Dublin and the South and West of Ireland by Clarke H. Irwin, Minister at .

Estimated Price: €20-30

Lot No. 233 |

William J. Fitzpatrick, History of the Dublin Catholic Cemetries, 1900

Lot No. 234 |

Roger J. McHugh, Carlow in '98 The Autobiography of William Farrell of Carlow, Dublin 1949

Lot No. 235 |

Edward MacLysagth, Irish Families, Their Names, Arms and Origins, Dublin 1957.

Estimated Price: €40-50

Lot No. 236 |

Rosemary Ffolliott, The Pools of Mayfield and other irish Families. No 277 of an edition of 500, Dublin 1958

Estimated Price: €35-45

Lot No. 237 |

John A. Knowles, The York School of Glass Painting , illustrated with sketches and photos, London 1936.

Estimated Price: €25-35

Lot No. 238 |

Youghal interest, History of the Earls of Desmond and Earls of Cork and Walter Raleigh in Munster and A History and Guide to the Religious and Collegiate Foundations in Youghal by Charles O'L Ronayne, 1929

Estimated Price: €35-45

Lot No. 239 |

Frances Gerard, Some Celebrated Irish Beauties of the Last Century., London 1895

Estimated Price: €20-25

Lot No. 240 |

Tomas OCriomtain, An t-oileanac, 2nd edition with its dust jacket.

Estimated Price: €10-15

Lot No. 241 |

The British Gardeners New Directory, directing the necessary work in the kitchen, fruit and pleasure gardens and the nursery green house and stove and the culture of forest-trees, 5th edition, printed in Dublin 1771, interesting plates.

Estimated Price: €50-70

Lot No. 242 |

The New Complete Book of Martyrs, on an Universal History of Martyrdom, being Fox's book on martyrs, revised and corrected with editions and great improvements. Calf bound folio, illustrated, London 1784.

Estimated Price: 450-80

Lot No. 243 |

Antiquities of Rome, Dublin 1767.

Estimated Price: €20-30

Lot No. 244 |

The London Magazine for 1759

Estimated Price: €20-30

Lot No. 245 |

2 volumes, The Public Characters of 1798 and of 1799 and 1800 bearing the signature of Paul Maylor of Cork, Dublin printed 1799,(Paul Maylor was elected Mayor of Cork in 1811 and gave his name to Maylor Street).

Lot No. 246 |

Military History x 2, Records of the Dorset Yeomanry 1914-1919 and History of the 19th century lances 1911

Estimated Price: €20-30